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Web design of the website of GD Courier London UK :: Dji Design :: Superb Design on Superb Price

GD Courier London UK: Web design

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Web design of the website of GD Courier London UK

Company Description:

GD Courier is a leaflet delivery company, specialised in providing its customers with quick, affordable and reliable leaflet distribution services throughout London. GD Courier’s leaflet delivery service is an excellent way to directly reach your customers and potential customers alike. Using GD Courier’s services will ensure that your leaflets or other promotional material will reach the right people in the right area. It is GD Courier’s planned, every-small-detail-orientated approach that sets GD Courier leaflet delivery apart from the competition – rather than simply posting your leaflets to anyone, irrespective of their demographics and location, GD Courier make sure that your material is sent to the right people to help you generate a strong return on investment.

With their experience in the leaflet distribution business GD Courier provides quality delivery services, which have produced many satisfied customers. Whether you are planning to deliver leaflets, coupons, brochures, newsletters or almost anything else, GD Courier will handle every aspect of your campaign, providing you the complete and convenient solution for you and your business.

The web design objective:

The client wanted a representative, brochure-style, corporate web-site, targeting customers from London seeking leaflet delivery services. Business e-mails and form for online contacts also were required.

The implementation:

With no other preliminary requirements, the client was happy to see and accept the company logo that we designed for him and the style in which we designed his site. He approved the web design, provided the contents and got his site up and running on the third day after the initial meeting.

Check the final result if you like how it looks or if you are interested in leaflet delivery.

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