Our web design services

We love to create web sites. Because we can do it. Because we are good at it. And because we enjoy it.

Web design

Our main goal is to help our clients get professional representation in the world wide web enabling them to increase the sales of their products and/or services.

You need a web site, but you do not have the necessary knowledge and do not know from where to start? We will be glad to help. With our experience in building various sites – from small, static sites that are not updated frequently, to big, complex, dynamic sites, powered by own system for management of the content - we are the right choice for a partner to whom you should entrust the web design your site.

We will create the web design of your:


Content Management System - CMS

Our content management system (CMS) is in-house made, flexible, customizable system, enabling the administrator of the site very easily to change the site contents. Thus, besides the full control over the contents of the information presented on the site, the client receives full independence and saves money. Our content management system is designed in such way, that it always takes care of the structure of the site and keeps constant high level of search engine optimization.

Our CMS enables you to:


Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The sites that we design are not only designed for best user experience but they also have an optimal search engine structure, which remains intact regardless of the changes of the content made by our clients, due to our own content management system.  This ensures the correct reading and the excellent indexing of the web sites of our customers and their high positions in the search engines results. Our customers do not have to make additional cost for search engine optimization (SEO), because they get from us a site with optimal structure and exceptional readability in terms of search engines.
By ordering the web design of your site to Dji Design, you will get a working site with excellent search engine optimization and low cost of ownership and maintanance in the future.

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