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Recent web-design projects:

Web design, CMS and SEO of the website of SAFWAT BG Crew Manning Agency

SAFWAT BG Crew Manning Agency

Scope: Web designCMS and SEO

Scripting technologies: Fuel CMS, Codeigniter

Accomplished in 7 days

Description: Complete web-site design with content management system and search engine optimization

Web design, CMS and SEO of the website of Medical Publishing House Raikov

Medical Publishing House Raikov

Scope: Web design, CMS and SEO

Scripting technologies: xHTML, CSS, PHP, JS

Accomplished in 14 days

Description: Complete redesign and search engine optimization of the existing web site of the medical publishing house Raikov.

How to recognize the good web design?

If you own or manage a website, you probably know that it is essential your site to be attractive and popular. Major role in this plays the quality and modern web design. Perhaps you have read lots of information about web design and web sites and probably you have a site already.
But do you realize how important is the clean, clever and original web design for the success of your web site and business in general?

An easy and suitable method for checking the quality of a web design is to look at data from Google Analytics for the respective web site. Pay special attention to the indicator "Bounce rate". The cause of increasing values of the Bounce rate can be hidden in an ugly or bad web design. Remember that once disappointed by unattractive web design and overall look of your web site, users are unlikely to return back to it again. This means that the bad web design could have a detrimental impact on your business.

Why is it important to have a good web design?

Web sites that do not have a quality web design tend to have higher values of Bounce rate. Therefore, because they lose more and more of their Internet traffic and targeted visitors, they suffer more and more financial losses. In general we can say that the good looking web design is inextricably linked with business prosperity of any company or online business venture. When users want to buy something online the only thing they need to do is to visit the web site that offers such products or services. In this case, the only thing that can attract them and make them choose your site over the one of your competitors is its web design. What is meant by good web design? If your site looks professional if it is made attractive and intuitive, if its vision and the menus are good looking and with high usability, then it is a site with a good web design.

Key components of the good web design

There are two basic components, which define whether a web design is good or bad. This is, on the one hand, so called Usability, which focuses entirely on the functionality of the web design – the effective presentation of the information, and on the other hand - purely aesthetic elements, which include the used graphical effects, original animations, impressive multimedia etc. Some web designers are oblivious, concentrating entirely on one of these web design elements, which is wrong. To be able to impress customers and keep their interest, every web designer should be able to combine the two main components together.

How to choose a good web designer for the design of clean, clever and good looking web design?

When looking for a good web designer to fulfil your desires in terms of quality and good looking web design for your web site, note the following key points:

If you stick to these simple rules for finding talented and experienced web designer, soon you will get a modern web site which will be up to date with the latest fashion and technical requirements, and which web design will please you and your customers, clients or business partners.

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